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Stephan Pende - A Trackless Path, second part

Åtta onsdagar 9/2, 23/2, 9/3, 23/3, 6/4, 20/4, 4/5 samt 18/5. OBS - ej drop-in så anmäl dig med mail till Stephan innan kursstart 9/2. Kursen är även öppen även för de som inte deltagit tidigare.

The 18th century Tibetan mystic Jigmé Lingpa wrote many poems about the practice of Dzogchen, one of the great wisdom traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. One such poem is Revelations of Ever-present Good from his Great Vastness Heart Drop cycle.

In A Trackless Path Ken McLeod presents a fluid contemporary translation of this poem, accompanied by a deeply moving and insightful commentary. The combination makes Jigmé Lingpa’s mystical poem relevant and accessible to today’s seeker.

We will explore the text based on Ken McLeod’s book in this 3-month course.

If possible, there will be physical meetings in Malmö and live streaming in a Facebook group to which you will be invited.

Stephan Wormland, MA in clinical psychology, is trained in Gestalt therapy. He has studied and practiced meditation in multiple Buddhist traditions for over 35 years and spent 5 years in meditation retreats. Stephan was a monk in the Tibetan tradition for 11 years and teaches meditation in Buddhist centers in Europe.

Åtta onsdagskvällar under hösten med start 9/2

Avgift: 900/1100 kr

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Plats: Undervisningen sker online via en privat Facebookgrupp. Länk till denna delas vid anmälan. Om Covid-situationen tillåter kommer Stephan att undervisa på plats i Malmö, och samtidigt sända live i Facebookgruppen.

Avgift 900 kr för medlem, 1100 kr ej medlem. Betalas innan kursstart med PayPal till eller bank transfer  to Stephan Wormland, IBAN: DK8384010001045576, SWIFT: MEKUDK21

Welcome to participate in online meditation led by Sumana Ratnayaka. There will be an introduction with recitation of the Refuges and Five Training Rules followed by a Sutta, according to the Theravada tradition, and then briefly Dhamma talk followed by guided meditation and the opportunity for questions and answers.

Alla söndagar kl 10.00 - ca 11.30
Språk: engelska

Meditationsdag i Lomma söndag 20/3

Välkomna till en dag med stillhet och meditation. Vi mediterar tillsammans under dagen, med avbrott för lunch och promenad. Det serveras enkel soppa med bröd och ost.

Adress: Odengatan 8, 234 32 Lomma 
Tid: kl 10.00 till ca 16.30 
Avgift: Kostnadsfritt 
Anmälan och frågor: eller 070-3475122. Det är begränsat med plats så anmäl dig senast 17/3

Mé-tsal Wangmo and Ja´gyür Dorje

Mind like sky: introduction to Dzogchen meditation

Dzogchen – the totality teaching of the ‘nature of Mind’ is the most profound – yet simple and immediate – of the three inner Tantras. It addresses our experience of being human at the most essential level of perception. These Dzogchen teachings lay bare the problems arising from dualistic vision, and create a sense of wonderment at the immense possibility for each individual. The primary purpose of these methods is to gain an experiential understanding of the nature of thought, awareness, and their relationship with reality. On that basis we can free ourselves from the perceptual, psychological, and emotional reactions which habitually colour our experience, and find increased clarity, creative energy, calmness, cheerfulness and enjoyment of life. How exciting and refreshing would it be to experience the world without our habitual thought patterns and reactions getting in the way? To find ourselves alive, awake, and crackling with creative energy in every moment? To discover that it is our own minds that hold us back. This day of teaching will provide insights into thought and the nature of Mind, explain the structure of the Dzogchen teachings, and give practice methods for maintaining awareness throughout the day - techniques to free us from the patterns of thought and behaviour that habitually limit us, enabling us to move beyond the confining space of concept into the vastness of being.

Tid: lördag 22/1: 10-17.00

Avgift: valfri donation

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Ngakma Mé-tsal Wangmo and Naljorpa Ja’gyür Dorje are a teaching couple within the Aro gTér lineage within the Nyingma tradition of Himalayan Buddhism. They have been ordained go kar chang lo practitioners and students of Ngak’chang Rinpoche and Khandro Déchen (the lineage holders of the Aro gTér) since the 1990s. They combine career and family life with practising and teaching Vajrayana. As well as teaching publicly, they have a number of personal students in Britain, Scandinavia, Australia, Europe, Cuba and South America. 

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