Program våren 2024

Gruppmeditation i Malmö
varannan torsdag från 28/3

Vi sitter i tystnad i två perioder av 20 minuter. Alla är välkomna. Du tar med din egen praxis och önskar du instruktioner eller vill diskutera praktiken går det bra att höra av sig innan träffen. Ingen guidad bön eller meditation på plats. Efteråt finns möjligheten att sitta kvar och dela erfarenheter.

Vi ses varannan torsdag från 28/3, alltså även 11/4, 25/4, 9/5, 23/5 och 6/6. Kl 19-20 på Sensus, Södra Vallgatan 5 i Malmö. 

Träffarna är kostnadsfria.

Vi ser gärna att du kontaktar Johan på eller 0702977616 innan första träffen om du vill delta, men dyka upp spontant går också bra.

Ta gärna med egen meditationskudde eller pall, begränsat antal kuddar finns på plats.

Länk till aktiviteten hos Sensus

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Meditationsdag i Lomma söndag 7/4

Vi mediterar tillsammans under dagen, med avbrott för lunch och promenad. Det serveras enkel soppa med bröd och ost.

Adress: Odengatan 8, 234 32 Lomma

Tid: kl 10.00 till ca 16.00

Avgift: 100 kr

Anmälan och frågor: eller 070-3475122. Det är begränsat med plats så anmäl dig senast fredagen innan.

Vi planerar för ca en meditationsdag i månaden under våren - återkommer med ytterligare datum!

Retreat with Stephan Pende outside Höör 8-12/5

During this retreat we will explore Buddhist methods to open your heart and connect with the source of wisdom in you.

Stephan Pende will introduce you to a variety of meditation techniques from the Tibetan Tradition to support the development of Self-Compassion and based on that compassion for others.

These meditations can be used by everyone independent of your belief and background. The emphasis will be on cultivating a kind and open awareness, to discover a way of effortless being without pressure.

When you look deeply into your heart you recognize that the very nature of consciousness itself is a wellspring of loving-kindness.

It is said that the very quality of the deepest level of your mind is that of inexhaustible love, and it is already there. In other words, you don’t need to get it from anybody else: not from a religion, not from a teacher. It is there already, but it does get obscured.

So, if this is a birthright, a capacity you bring to life, then instead of emphasizing how to cultivate this wonderful quality of mind, you can shift your mindset to ask how to stop doing what you are doing to obscure it.

Stephan Pende Wormland has studied and practiced meditation in multiple traditions for over 30 years. He was a monk in the Tibetan tradition for 11 years.

At Hallaskog, the participants will be accommodated in multi-bed rooms or double rooms. There is a large assembly hall for teaching and meditation, showers and toilets, a kitchen and dining area. The retreat place is located in a beautiful beech forest by Dagstorpsjön, 9 km north of Höör. In the schedule there will be space for personal time. There are nice hiking trails in the forest and you are free to go canoeing on the lake. Canoes and life jackets are available to borrow.

From Malmö, it takes just under an hour to drive. Please let us know when registering if you need a ride, or can offer a seat in your car. Pick-up from Höör train station can also be arranged.

All participants help with cooking, washing dishes and cleaning. The food will be vegan. Please state when registering if you have any food allergies, unfortunately we cannot take other types of diets into account.

The retreat is open to both beginners and more experienced practitioners of meditation.

  • Location: Hallaskog at Dagstorpsjön outside Höör.

  • Time: Wednesday 8/5 at 17:00 – Sunday 12/5 at 14:00

  • Fee: SEK 3,600 for members, SEK 3,800 for non-members.

  • Registration: Email and pay a registration fee of SEK 1,000. The remaining sum is paid no later than 8/4.

  • Payment is made via Swish to John Lundquist, 0768-164 230, or PayPal to write Retreat + your name + telephone number.

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