Stephan Pende våren 2018

Stephan Pende undervisning våren 2018



"How to meditate - The Buddhist toolbox for the mind and heart"


How to set up and sustain a daily practice? What practice is most suitable for my lifestyle and personality? How to deepen my practice and how to bring it into relationships and daily life?


These are a few of the questions Stephan Pende will explore with you drawing from 35 years of experience in different Buddhist traditions. The ongoing series of lectures and guided meditations is suitable for beginners and more experienced meditators.


onsdagar: 17/1, 14/2, 21/3, 18/4, 16/5 och 20/6

tid: 19-21.00

avgift per tillfälle: 80 kr för medlem, 100 kr ej medlem



"How to meditate - City Retreat"



Lördag 10 - 17

Söndag 10 - 14



Lördag 10 - 17

Söndag 10 - 14


avgift per retreat: 700 kr för medlem, 900 kr ej medlem



"Vajrasattva - The healing power of Tantra "


Common to all four traditions of Tibetan Buddhism, the practice of Vajrasattva is used to purify negative karma, illness, and obstacles to spiritual development. You will learn to do this healing practice with the visualizations and the mantra.


The members of this group make a commitment to at least 30 minutes of daily practice during the five-month period of the course and to contributing to the group discussions by way of sharing experiences, asking questions, actively listening.


Tantric practices can push us out of our comfort zones and stir up a lot of emotions, from past and present. For these reasons, it is important that applicants to the group have been students of Buddhism for at least a few years, and have attended teachings with Stephan.


OBS - detta är en sluten grupp och avgift gäller för alla tillfällena. Ej drop-in alltså. Denna grupp startade hösten 2017 och det finns möjlighet för nya att ansluta nu - isåfall får du tillgång till inspelningar från i höst, och kan i egen takt lyssna till undervisningen innan gruppen startar i slutet av februari igen.


För frågor eller anmälan skriv till Stephan Pende på mail:


onsdagar: 28/2, 14/3, 11/4, 2/5, 30/5 och 13/6

tid: 19-21.00

avgift för hela våren: 700 kr för medlem, 900 kr ej medlem




Karma Yönten Ling - Föreningen för Tibetansk Buddhism i Malmö - Lund | medlems sidor