Emotions As Spiritual Practice

Teaching with Mé-tsal Wangmo and Ja'gyür Dorje

A day of teaching for those who are willing to embrace the entire spectrum of their emotional being as a portal of infinite possibility… Tantric psychology sees the elements – earth, water, fire, air, and space – as forming a brilliant matrix that animates our sense fields, our environment and our emotional world. Emotions become problematic when they are driven into complexity and conflict with one another through thinking. Understanding the elements and learning to relate to emotions non-concpetually in meditation, can transform our experience of everyday life, making us both happier and more pleasant to be around. We learn that we don’t have to be ‘ridden’ by our emotions, in fact those very emotions can become our access route to living a life of cheerful kindness and courage. We shall look at both the deluded and liberated qualities of each of the elemental emotional experiences and introduce the startlingly simple and direct meditation method of working with the emotions known as Dzogchen trek-chöd. This method cuts through to the wisdom and energy of the primordial state and can explode the banal confines of our addiction to the treadmill of mediocrity. We will also teach a series of vajra melodies – sung mantra which are useful for common emotional states such as anger, frustration, sadness and bewilderment.

lördag 5/9: 10-17.00

session 1: 10.00-13.00

session 2: 14.00-17.00

OBS svensk tid ligger en timme tidigare, så start kl 11.00

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